Montana Memories - Farm and Ranch

$ 29.95

Put yourself in the place of Montana homesteaders in 1911, with nothing to protect themselves against the elements but a sod roof, tarpaper siding and a bushel of optimism in their homestead shack.

Take a look skyward in the Judith River drainage to spy railroad workers risking their lives at dizzying heights to build trestles so railroads could push farther into rural area to get grain and livestock to outlying markets.

See huge steel wheels taller than a man or women supporting the rear of a Big 4'30" farm tractor manufactured by a Minneapolis company early in the 20th century.

Spot traditional cowboys out on the range, and farmers out in their fields, doing their best to carve out a living in a sometimes hostile environment.

Witness colorful western character Calamity Jane posing with soldiers in eastern Montana during the bloody Pullman railroad strike of 1894.

Watch rural folks building roads, busting sod, digging canals for irrigation and erecting fences.

We hope you enjoy this tribute to the men and women who farmed and ranched in Montana from the early days of the Montana Territory through the 1950s.`

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